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Comprehensive Courses to Master Stock Trading

Courses offered by us are specially crafted for students looking out to build a successful trading career. SMM is the best Stock Market Mentor offering the finest courses to understand the Stock market better & become a successful trader.

Why You Should Learn Stock Trading in Bangalore?

Manage Your Wealth Efficiently With Right Strategy learnt from our Courses!

The stock market is a dynamic and complex platform where shares of publicly traded companies are bought and sold. It plays a vital role in the global economy and offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to invest and grow their wealth. However, navigating the stock market requires knowledge, skill, and strategic thinking. To equip yourself with the right tools and techniques, enrolling in a stock market course is a wise decision. You can find numerous reputable institutions offering Stock market courses in Bangalore that cater to various experience levels.

Our Exclusive Stock Training Program Includes -

Classroom trading courses - SMM

Classroom Training

Trained from classroom with power of networking with other students!

Online trading courses - SMM

Live Online Sessions

Join online trading sessions & learn from the place of your comfort

Live trading sessions - SMM

Live Trading Sessions

Learn with Live trading sessions on both Offline & online programs!

What You'll Learn From Our Trading Courses?

You'll Learn Stock Trading with Live Sessions!

For beginners, diving into the stock market can be overwhelming. The best way to start studying the stock market is by enrolling in comprehensive and structured courses offered by our Stock Market Experts. Our courses cover the basics of investing, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, risk management, and trading classes. Our experienced mentors guide you through the learning process, ensuring you grasp the concepts effectively. Here we have listed a few outcomes of our offered courses for you. 

Learn to Stay Consistent

To become successful trader, you should practice consistency & you'll learn from our courses. Staying consistent opens up opportunity to grow as an investor.

Practice with Virtual Trading

We offer you trading lessons Virtual trading platforms. Then, we also work together to learn more with live trading sessions making the learning process more interactive & engaging.

Stay Updated with Market

Our trading lessons are based on values primarily. You'll learn to stay on tracks with financial news, market trends, company announcements & helps you take informed decision on your investments.

Learn to Set Goals

Our courses teach you to set realistic & achievable goals. Alongside, you'll also learn to set strategies to reach the set gaols!

Network with Traders

Learn along with team, engage to gain more wisdom & exchange skills together. This opens opportunity for you to learn from other trader's experiences.

Learn Trading with Our Top Courses offered in Bangalore!

We cover basic to advance topics of stock market that you require

Pro Trader Course

This course is for a novice with zero knowledge about Stock market. Learn basics of Equity, F&O & Commodity Market with our pro-trader course. Become a Pro Trader with our course

SMM Mentorship

This 12 month mentorship program is designed for those who wants to make career in Stock Market Trading. Enroll to learn from fundamentals to advanced trading.

FNO Champion

This course makes you a professional trader in F&O market. Learn various strategies with help of trading tools. Be the master of Futures & Options market with our course.

The Value Investor

Learn the fundamental analysis of market. Learn how Govt Orders, Regulations, International relations, currency & more impact market to trade wisely.

Why Choose SMM for Stock Market Courses?

We offer an exceptional learning experience for aspiring traders and investors in Bangalore. The institution stands out for its personalized approach to education and mentorship, empowering individuals to excel in the stock market. Stock Market Mentor is a renowned educational institution dedicated to providing comprehensive stock market courses to students of all levels. The mentors at Stock Market Mentor are experienced traders with a proven track record of success. They bring practical insights and real-world knowledge to the classroom, making the learning process engaging and relatable.

Mentoring by our stock market courses

Expert Mentors

Get trained by Experienced Traders

strong alumni of our courses

Strong Alumni

We're strong rooted in Bangalore with huge student base

live trading sessions by our stock market courses

Practical Learning

Learn Trading with Live Market Sessions

expert guidance by stock market courses

Personalized Guidance

Get personalized guidance's from top mentors

life time access by stock market mentor

Lifetime Access

Our courses comes with no expiry. Get lifetime access.

Benefits of Enrolling to Our Stock Market Courses

Our trading courses helps you achieve various skills & make you ready to trade personality!

Stock Trading Courses - SMM

Advanced Trading Techniques

Master advanced trading techniques used by professional traders to capitalize on market opportunities.

Diversified Trading Strategies

Learn diverse trading strategies to adapt to different market conditions

Risk Mitigation

Advanced courses emphasize risk mitigation strategies to protect against potential losses

In-Depth Market Analysis

Gain insights into advanced market analysis methods and forecasting techniques.

Stock Market Mentor

Trading Psychology

Understand the psychology of trading and how to manage emotions effectively

Hands-On Experience

Participate in live trading sessions to apply advanced strategies in real-time

Rohit Sen

About Your Mentor

The founder of a Stock Market Mentor is a visionary and passionate individual dedicated to empowering aspiring traders with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the financial markets. He has an experience of more than 8 years trading the financial markets and over 5 years of experience in teaching and mentoring upcoming traders. He has mentored more than 5000 students till now. He holds 11 NISM and NCFM certifications.

 With a deep understanding of the intricacies of the stock market and a proven track record of success, Mr. Rohit serves as an inspiration and mentor to students

Rohit Sen Founder of SMM

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Trading Courses Offered in Bangalore!

Do you offer online courses for Bangalore student?

Yes, we do offer Online courses for students inside & outside Bangalore. You can reach out to us for more details about our online course offerings. 

Yes, we have a series of batches offered for various categories of prospects. You can join at the time of your convenience with the consent of your mentor. 

SMM Mentorship is a fast-moving course. This course caters to those who are novices & need to start from the basics of the Stock Market. 

You have to submit a form given on the same page. Click Here. Once you submit the form, our team will get in touch with you to help you enroll in our courses. 

Price of each courses differs. You should talk to our team, they will guide you through the detailed pricing of courses. 

What do you mean by Live Trading Sessions?

Live trading sessions mean we help you understand trading on the live market to ensure, a better & realistic understanding of the stock market. 

Your alumni network will be available for you on our online forum to discuss trading strategies & share trading tips that come out of their real-life experiences. 

You have to submit a form given on the same page. Click Here. Once you submit the form, our team will get in touch with you to help you enroll in our courses. 

Yes, we do have special materials to provide during the start of the program. 

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