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Investment advice?

Why you should not ask for stock market tips or investment-related questions from anyone?

Mr. A purchased shares of IRCTC Ltd. at Rs. 6000 and the next day the price fell to Rs. 4500.
Mr. A asks Mr. B – What should I do with IRCTC?
Mr. B can give one of these replies based on his bias and situation:

Reply 1 – Never sell.
(Possibility: Mr. B got shares in the IPO at Rs. 320/- and he is a Long term investor)

Reply 2 – Buy more on Dips.
(Possibility: Mr. B has excess money and is waiting for price to fall to Rs. 3000)

Reply 3 – Sell it.
(Possibility: Mr. B purchased at Rs. 5100 and sold at Rs. 4600 intraday, thereby losing faith in this company)

Reply 4 – Hold the shares.
(Possibility: Mr. B heard from Mr. C that it is a fundamentally strong company but Mr. B hasn’t purchased the shares)

Reply 5 – Not sure.
(Possibility: Mr. B is not God)

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