Algo Trading Decoded

Course Overview

How to build a system and 2 option buying strategies and 3 option selling basket strategies (Min capital needed-1 lac to deploy strategy)




Beginner to advanced

Study Mode

Online(Live sessions) or Offline (Bengaluru, Noida and Delhi)

1 Days
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Main Features of Our Courses

Detailed Cirruculum - Algo Trading Decoded

What is Algo Trading?

Expectancy and why it is important?

In sample and out of sample testing

Understanding APIs

Ideal Expectations from Algo Trading in Options

Jargons used in Algo trading

Maximum Drawdown

Capital requirement for options algo trading

Execution platforms

Developing Strategies and live deployment

Understanding MDD

Curve fitting and how to Avoid Curve Fitting

Back testing platforms

Back test vs Real trading

Readymade 1 option buying basket(1 instrument), 3 selling basket(3 indices), 1 RBO basket

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